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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dehydrating Eggplant

 I am really impressed with how easy it was to dehydrate Eggplant!

Slice your eggplant in the desired sizes and lay them on your dehydrating screen.

I placed an additional dehydrating screen on top of the eggplant and placed them outside on the back patio table since it was 100+ degrees that day! Then I brought them inside a put them in the oven on the lowest temperature possible (mine only goes to 170), until they were done. They are done when they are leathery and not crunchy. Eggplant can take up to 20 hours to dry.
They maintained the deep purple color just beautifully and they didn't discolor too much in the center either. I put them in a freezer safe bag and stored them in the freezer, you can easily store properly dehydrated foods in the pantry as well. I am very excited to use these this winter in casseroles and soups!

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