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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canning Peaches Step by Step Raw Pack

I have attempted to can peach halves several times and the peaches are always too ripe and so they dont peel or seperate in half very well. These peaches were pretty hard and I was excited to see if it would work!!

Step 1: Blanch your peaches by placing them in boiling water for about 30 seconds and straight into ice cold water.

Step 2: Peel your peaches. After blanching the skin should peel right off fairly easily. If you need to do another quick blanch to help loosen the peels more, just be careful not to overcook them or they will be mushy.

Step 3: Cut your peach in half and pop out the pit. You can use a spoon to dig out the center red part or you can leave it, but it will get dark during canning but wont affect the taste.

Step 4: Place your peach halves into your hot sterilized jars and slightly pack them in...dont push too hard or you will mush your peaches, but pack them in a little so you dont have too much syrup.

Step 5: Prepare a simple syrup. I did a light syrup of about 3 cups of sugar and 6 cups of water to fill 7 quart jars of peach halves. Bring your sugar water mixture to a low boil until your sugar is dissolved.

Step 6: Fill your jars with the syrup and remove air bubbles. Leave 1/2 inch headspace.

Step 7: Clean rims of jars and place sterilized lids and rings onto the top of each jar.

Step 8: Place in boiling water bath and process Pints 25 minutes and Quarts 30 minutes.

Step 9: Remove jars from boiling water and let rest overnight.
Step 10: Remove rings and check for proper sealing. Clean jars (use soap and warm water because you will probably have some sticky sugar all over your jars), label and store!

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  1. Good post and timely! I am just starting to use my wb canner this year!