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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yesterdays Toyz Wooden Alphabet Name Trains

Kids love trains! Kids love to see their own names! SO why not delight them with an alphabet name train!!

My Uncle started a business making handmade wooden alphabet trains. These are fantastic! He sent us one for Henry and Adelle and the kids absolutely love them!! They are very durable so they are excellent for playtime, but they are also extremely cute so they make fantastic bookshelf or dresser toppers!
Each letter connects to the next letter with magnets. The magnets are very strong and my kids love to pull their names through the house. They really enjoy taking all the letters apart and trying to spell their names again (Henry gets it sometimes, but Addie usually just decides hers is a kitty cat that she will take on a walk).
These alphabet trains are wonderful! My kids play with these for hours and it is absolutely adorable!!
These delightful wooden alphabet trains are even made with eco friendly paint...making them just that much more enjoyable.
My Grandpa was an avid woodworker making so many things from hand in his little woodshop behind their house. My Grandpa is an amazing man and he has handed down his skill of woodworking to my uncle who wants to keep the oldfashioned wooden toys alive!
I highly recommend Yesterdays Toyz!!  

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