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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Natural PEST CONTROL ... ants deterant Cayenne Pepper and Garlic

Wow did we have an ant problem! SO I made a Garlic/Cayenne pepper spray to deter those nasty ants from wanting to be in my garden. (recipe from The Vegetable Gardener's Bible (10th Anniversary Edition) I HIGHLY recommend this book, LOVE IT!)
Ok so I made up several baggies of this "mixture" and put the other baggies in the freezer so I will have them ready and on hand when I need them! I got a 16 oz container of Cayenne Pepper at Sams for $4.46 and a 23 oz of Dried Minced Garlic for $4.66... so for under $10 you can have ALOT of this bug spray!!
Since I wanted a large application for the front and back garden I started with a large batch.

Garden Pest Control:
1/2 Cup Dried Minced Garlic
3/4 Cup Cayenne Pepper Powder
30 Cups of hot Water
2-3 days
(Use care when preparing and applying...the active ingredient is HOT PEPPER and can produce skin irritation!)

Combine the mixture in a Large container, give it a good stir and then let it set for 2-3 days...be sure to put the container somewhere where it wont be in the way or wont be tempting to the kids to want to play in!!
You can fill a sprayer with it and spray around your plant beds...OR just get a cup and pour it around your plant beds (this method is a lot faster!)
Ive only used half of my bucket and I havent seen an ant in days...it is quite potent!! My whole garden smells like garlic (oh I sure love it)! This is also a positive thing because we have a TON of squirrels in our neighborhood and I just read somewhere that squirrels HATE the smell of garlic and cayenne pepper. So although I thought I was doing this to deter just ants...I also have a simple squirrel repelent!


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