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Friday, April 30, 2010

Wine Home Brew

Bryan and I made our first batch of wine a couple months ago. The first wine brew we did was a Bergamase and we got about 28 bottles from the kit. We got a few more kits and are getting ready to give it another try. This time around we got a Pinot Noir and a Sangiovese...still not quite sure which we will make first!

The last time we bought a kit we just got it from our local brew store but this time I found a guy online that sells them for super cheap! Home Winery Supply for only only $25-$31 per concentrate set you can fill your 5 gallon carboy. The shipping for 1 bottle of concentrate was going to be the same as the shipping for 2 so we decided to go ahead and get 2 kits since the shipping was going to be $17 either way...still MUCH cheaper than the local brew store.

"Home Winery Supply Company was formed in 1963 to help dedicated and amateur wine makers, produce the best from their grapes and grape concentrate. When people began to recognize that home-made beer could be made better than store bought, Home Winery was there to offer their expertise to eager consumers."

The garden has kept us pretty busy the past couple weeks so we havent had a chance to get the wine going, but as soon as we do we will let you all know!!

If you are interested in making your own homemade wine or beer you can check around at your local garage sales or on craigslist to find inexpensive new or used brew equipment...I found a $200 brew kit at a garage sale for $10! Search craigslist for "Carboy" (the 5 gallon glass bottle you will need to brew) or for "Brew Equipment"...you will need alot of various supplies. Check with your local brew store to make sure you have all the supplies you need BEFORE you start!!!

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