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Friday, April 30, 2010

Composting, Choosing the right outdoor method for you and your family

There are alot of composting options out there these days!! If you are thinking about composting, do some research and choose the right method for you and your family.
There are the enclosed compost bins that set right on the ground that come in all sizes...so if you are going to have a lot of stuff to compost make sure you get a big one!! Then there are the Compost Tumblers, they sit off the ground and are super easy to "rotate" your compost pile because you just turn it!

You can also make your own "Compost Tumbler" out of an old plastic trash can.

There are also online plans for how to build your own compost structure out of wood or just by using old wooden palates.

We prefer the open air method where its just a pile that can be easily rotated. We have a 3 station rotation and the smallest pile is right before it is sifted into bins to be taken to the garden.

This method takes up more space than the plastic bins, but we have a lot of stuff to compost from the chicken and goat barns so the extra space is well used! But if you just have kitchen scraps and lawn scraps then it might be best to look into a smaller option.

We would love to hear what methods you use and how it works out for ya!?

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  1. We have a large Compost Tumber that you can rotate...LOVE IT!