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Monday, April 12, 2010

Homemade Microwavable Popcorn with a brown paper bag. Healthy and Inexpensive!

HOMEMADE MICROWAVABLE POPCORN! Cheaper and Healthier than store bought microwavable bags!! I add olive oil and salt to mine, but it is totally optional and you really dont need to add it.

I have a blend of yellow and red popcorn kernels that I just love!

Put enough popcorn kernels in the bag to cover the bottom...the amount of kernels will depend upon the size of your bag, but Id say a couple tablespoons... You DONT want to put too much in there, I did that once and all I got was a ridiculously full bag of popcorn with a large burnt ball of popcorn in the middle.
Dont forget to add your salt and olive oil if you want...it is optional and really not necessary, but it adds a nice flavour! ONLY use Olive Oil...do NOT use any other oil...Ive heard of people having their bag catch on fire in the microwave because they used a fake oil...never had it happen to me, and REALLY dont want to have it happen to you! Olive Oil ONLY, Id say about 1tsp to 1tblsp would be plenty!

Fold over the top a couple times to help keep the popcorn inside. Ive heard of people using tape or staples to keep the bag shut, but Ive never done that...just a good fold works great for me! Ive made popcorn like this a ton of times and have never had a problem!

Toss it in the microwave for 2:45 on high....keep and eye and ear on it because you want to stop it when the popcorn stops popping for 5 seconds in between pops...sometimes Ive had to add extra time and sometimes I have to stop it early...it all just depends! Maybe I have a falty microwave, but it still pops great popcorn if I pay attention!
Yum Yum!! Much cheaper and Much Healthier than store bought microwavable popcorn!!

If you dont have a microwave you can also make homemade skillet popcorn!


  1. Oh, fun! I didn't know you could do this in the microwave. I always use the stove - the flavor is wonderful, but the clean-up isn't as easy :-) Coconut oil also gives it a buttery flavor, fyi!

  2. I prefer the taste of the stovetop, but yes it definately is more cleanup! I will try coconut oil next time that sounds delightful!!