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Monday, April 26, 2010

Keeping your city farm animals watered!! Clean Water Access!

 ALL your animals need to stay HYDRATED!! With the heat of summer coming you need to get prepared in advance for how you will address the issue of keeping your animals watered!
I absolutely love my plastic poultry foundation base for watering the animals. I found one at my local feed store for $1.39 and we bought one a couple months ago. We used to have a large water dish in the chicken coop that I had to clean out at least once a day because it was too large for the coop and the animals would poo in it :(
Now that I have this watering dish it is really easy to keep clean and since we have 3 throughout the yard I dont worry about the animals running out of water during the day. All you have to do is get a regular mouth mason jar to screw onto the dish ... I even found several half gallon size jars as well as 1 gallon size jar with a regular mouth lid. This helps to keep several gallons of clean water around the yard.

Plus we have a large 22 qt flatback bucket that is in the goat barn, I leave it up against the side of the gate so the chickens can even stick their heads through the fence to get a drink but cant poo in it!

The watering base is even great for the goats! Ive even seen my dog Sarge getting a drink from it.

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