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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seed Starting Plug Tray 288 Cells in 1 Flat! Part 2

The 288 seedling plugs are planted! I am so excitted about this little tray! I planted 4 rows of Arugula, 3 rows of Lettuce, 4 rows of Spinach and 1 row of a different Spinach. All of these varieties say that they can be planted as fall crops so Im hoping that all goes good too. Ive never done fall crops before so we will see how this works out!
We have a lot of little spaces available in the garden that I have been told would be perfect for lettuce and spinach so as these little seedlings pop up and are ready to be transplanted I will just put them in the garden where there is space at the time. Once the radishes come up we will have space there! I still have a few weeks to figure it out though :)

I got all the seeds planted last night and then set it outside this morning for some good sunlight. I know I usually say to get the kids involved in everything, but the planting of these little seedlings might be one thing to do on your own. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would and it was very tedious! Putting one tiny little seed into the tiny little cell...Ill admit Im pretty sure that I got more than 1 seed in a few of the cells. Especially the arugula seeds, they are very similar in color to the dirt and when I would drop the tiny seed in there I would try to find it and really couldnt! So who knows what we will actually come up with! It was alot of fun, but it might be one thing to do without the "tiny little hands" involved or you will end up with hundreds of little seeds EVERYWHERE!

I put a clear tray topper on top of the tray to help keep in moisture and warmth and keep out the birds, squirrels and rabbits...as well as children :)

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