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Monday, May 10, 2010

Seed Starting Plug Tray 288 Cells in 1 Flat!

I was at our local feed store on Saturday to pick up a few odds and ends and I bumped across this AMAZING seed starting tray!
It is the standard size seed starting tray, but it has 288 cells! I was standing looking at it slightly puzzled and the owner of the store came over to ask me if I needed any help (His name is George and he is GREAT! He knows about our little "adventures" here and is always full of advice...which I absolutely love!). I asked him how this worked and if it was really affective so he took me to their greenhouse to show me how they are using them and they had about 15 of these little trays set up with thousands of plants starting! He said to just let the grow until they are about an inch or two tall and then transplant it (using a pencil to gently push the roots and plant out from the bottom).
We could have started ALL of our seedlings in this one little tray instead of having so many trays right at first! Im so excitted to give this tray a try! It was only $1.99 so I went ahead and got one and am going to get a few seedlings going for a late crop.
Ill keep you updated on the progress of these little plants but I can tell you now that I am SO excitted! I cant believe how much space we wasted by starting all our seeds in the 4" pots right at the start...but I guess its all about learning!

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