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Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Beans!! Canning

A couple days ago I tried my first round of canning green beans! It did take a lot of time and work, but sure was alot of fun! Addie and I went out to the garden and picked and picked green beans. We ended up with about 10 lbs, came inside, cleaned and destemed them (by this point Addie had lost interest), then got the canning recipe ready!!

I went with the "Hot Pack" method.
Step 1: Wash and Drain beans, Remove strings, trim ends and break or cut freshly gathered beans into 2 inch pices.

Step 2: Boil 5 minutes. (Get your jars and lids sterilized and get your pressure canner ready)

Step 3: Pack Hot Beans into Hot Jars leaving 1 inch headspace. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each Pint and 1 teaspoon of Salt to each quart.

Step 4: Ladel boiling water over beans leaving 1 inch headspace, remove air bubbles.

Step 5: Adjust 2 piece caps and place in pressure cooker.

Step 6: Process Pints 20 minutes, Quarts 25 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure in a steam pressure canner.

Step 7: Once your canning time has expired, turn off the heat source and wait for pressure to leave the pressure canner...this could take a few hours...NEVER take the lid off or try to speed up the process or you could destroy your contents, or injur yourself. Just let the pressure canner slowly dismiss the pressure and once it is resting take off the pressure weight first to make sure there isnt any pressure remaingin and then take off the lid. Jars will be hot! Remove the jars to a towel and let them set 24 hours until all the seals pop. If seals do not pop eat them asap or put it in the refrigerator to eat soon. One of my seals didnt seal properly, so we had those beans for dinner that night...they tasted fantastic!

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