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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ball Blue Book for Canning, Freezing and Dehydration

I have another book recommendation! "The Ball Blue Book for Canning, Freezing, and Dehydration"...I also have a funny/sad story behind how I got mine!
When I first started looking into canning last year I wanted to "get prepared" with some recipes and the basics of canning. A friend from church let me borrow this amazing book that she said was her "go to book for canning". I had it a week or so and was going to take it back to her but forgot to put it in the car before we left for church. I didn't think much of it because she said to borrow it as long as I needed so I was going to just shoot for bringing it to her next week. Well, we get home from church only to find said book in the clutches of our precious Sarge (who at the time was cowering in terror because as I gasped he knew he had done something SO notty!).
In my panic I got online to try and quickly find a replacement for this book and the only copies for sale were over $100....AHHHHH!! I had no idea I was borrowing an antique irreplaceable recipe book (Due to the publish date and book volume!) !! I had no idea what to do! So I searched and searched desperately hoping I could find one cheaper AND that Doris (the extremely kind lady who let me borrow this antique!) wouldn't ask for her book back before I could find a new one!! Well after a couple weeks of searching I found an online book store in a small town in Texas that had the exact book, publish date and volume for sale for $4.98 (shipping included!). I was speechless and immediately bought it...slightly wondering if I was in a scam and would never really receive the book! Well a few days later the book arrived safe and sound and sure enough it was the exact book!
I took both books with me next time I was going to see Doris and handed her the new copy and said "Thank you" then I showed her the old copy and what Sarge had done to the book and she got a really good laugh out of it! And we all still get a really good laugh out of it to this day! NOW whenever Doris wants to loan me a book I always check the replacement value of it First!! Doris let me keep the old copy which is still mostly usable...some recipes are missing, but Doris said she could photo copy those ones for me :)
See, upon first sight it really doesn't look that bad! ... but then you flip it over and see the true damage!! Ya, there is no index so I really cant look things up! This really isn't something I could have given back to Doris ;)

So I totally recommend the "Ball Blue Book for Canning"...but try and find a cheaper volume and edition , I hear that they are just as good! :) Oh and Also the moral of the story: Check the replacement value of something before you borrow it because you just might be having to buy a new one!!

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