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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cheese Making!! Homemade Mozzerella Cheese Ball

Homemade Mozzerella Cheese Ball! DELIGHTFUL!! I hope you give it a try and like it as much and we do! :)

I love this 30 Minute Mozzerella Recipe!

HINT: I did figure out 1 thing (by accident) that made the cheese ALOT better. In the first step where you add the Citric Acid, (Add 1 & 1/2 tsp. Citric Acid diluted in 1cup cool water to 1 gallon of cold milk) DONT stir it right away! Let it set for about 15 minutes, this helps seperate the milk and you will get ALOT larger cheese ball. I know it makes it more of a "45 Minute Mozzerella", but it is WELL worth the extra wait!

Also, I used Liquid Rennet instead of Rennet Tabs (just because that is what I could find at my local Whole Foods store. Doing this method with Liquid rennet, you will have to add 20 drops (1/8 tsp) to the 1/4c of cold water for each gallon of milk you use. I dont think it really makes any difference but this is the rennet I got. I also got Citric Acid you can order it online at IHerb.com... everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE IHerb.com!

Note: Make sure you use Stainless Steel and NEVER aluminum, it will mess with the cheese ball and it wont form right.

Hint: I didnt use a Stainless Steel strainer (because I only had aluminum) so I cut the top out of an old gallon plastic bottle and inserted a double layer of cheese cloth (from the local fabric store) and this worked WONDERFULLY for straining out the whey! If your pocket of cheese cloth starts to get full, then just scoop out the cheese and put it in your microwavable glass bowl and continue to strain the rest.

DONT FORGET THE SALT! I forgot to add salt one time and it was miserable! I tried to go back in and reheat the cheese and kneed in the salt, but it was just a mess...We still ate the cheese and it was yummy, but it wasnt the same :(

Here is a photo of my very first Mozzerella cheese experiement! I was so excitted and couldnt believe it actually worked and it was SO yummy. Now I just cant stop making them! It was pretty small because the first time I did mess up alot, but now the cheese balls about twice that size! Very fun!

This one is a Basil and Sundried Tomatoe Mozzerella!! It was really simple...once you have the Regular Mozzerella Ball, just toss in some sundried tomatoes and fresh basil in the final kneed and you have this!

I love to try something new each time...Try a different spice , fresh herb, or dried vegetable each time and you will soon figure out which is your favourite!! My problem is that I like ALL of them!!
Enjoy :)

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  1. THANK YOU!!!! :-) I can't wait to try it!

  2. Love your blog so far, and I'm looking forward to getting creative with the herbs in the mozzarella.