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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poppy had her babies!!!! Cuteness ALERT!! 3 Bucklings and 2 Doelings April 14, 2012

It has been quite an eventful weekend here! Poppy was due on Friday and Peaches was due on Saturday. We have been on high alert since last week to make sure everyone has everything they need prior to the goat babies arrival! Saturday morning Poppy started showing signs of labor (extremely affectionate, very uncomfortable, not eating very much, and I'll spare you the details that were taking place "down there"). She is getting closer and closer...as is the tornado! Yes, we were under a tornado watch from a tornado that was coming up through Oklahoma...and we do not have a basement! We prepared an area in the garage for Poppy and her babies and a separate area for Peaches and her babies (should they come that night as well). Finally, Poppy went into active labor and WOW is she loud! She sure doesn't mess around though...when its baby time she hunkers down and pops out the babies! Might I also add that she is a VERY fertile little lady! She had 5...I repeat FIVE babies! However, one baby did not make it...it was quite sad, but there is much joy from the 4 that are still here with us. 

Oh they are too cute! Poppy was doing great but one little baby was still kind of struggling (little Dot Dot). She wasn't jumping up like the others and was so small that she wasn't getting in for the milk and for Poppy's attention. We started getting the kids loaded up to head over to some friends basement and kept running back out to bring Dot Dot back over to Poppy. Well, we had to go and couldn't wait any longer. After we all got safe and sound in the basement and the threat of tornado was still a little ways off, Bryan ran back home (barely a few blocks away) to do one final check of the babies, and Dot Dot was standing up and was over with the rest of the babies...now back to shelter just in time. The tornado came disturbingly close...a little over a mile from our house. I've heard reports that it was up to 1 mile wide when it came through our area.

Once the threat of tornado was gone, we came on out of the basement and headed home...finding a rescue crew barricading off the road down the street due to tornado damage as well as an insane amount of rain rushing down the streets. Getting back home we found all 4 babies safe and sound snuggled up with their momma. By this point I thought for sure Peach would be having her babies soon...but not yet...she took her jolly time and held those babies in a few days more (that story will be posted next!)

Let me introduce you to Poppy's 4 babies...

Here are her two little blue Eyed Bucklings...

Then we have this precious little tri-colored doeling!

And last...but Definitely not least...we have this little blue eyed adorably precious doeling. My kids have named her "Dot Dot" and she is oh so tiny.

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