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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peaches had her babies!!! 1 Doeling and 1 Buckling April 17, 2012

 I seriously dont think there is a more precious goat than my little Peachy Peach. I just love how sweet and affectionate she is...as well as being a fabulous milker and excellent mommy!
Last tuesday Peach was acting mighty uncomfortable and I knew she was quickly approaching the birth of her babies. I talk to our breeder who told me that is she is showing all the signs of labor then I could go ahead and give her "Magic Goat formula" (1 part molasses, 1 part oil, 2 parts corn syrup)...the sugar gives a boost to the system as well as the added energy to go into labor. After giving her the formula it was only a few hours and she was hunkered down in the barn ready to deliver her babies. 

Now let me add here how drastically different Peaches and Poppy are during birth...Poppy sure wants everyone and I mean everyone in the world to know that she is in pain and about to give birth. Then there is Peach, just so extremely quiet! She only cried out a few times and that was in the moments she was pushing out the babies. I sat with her just about all weekend to make sure I was there to help her if there were any complications. After the events of last year I didnt want her to be all alone and end up loosing one of her babies. So finally the moment was here...as were some of our friends who were intensely excited to see their first goat birth!!

 Peach did great!! The first baby to come out was a little white and black female with blue eyes! This baby was by no means small!! I was so shocked at how big she was and within a few seconds that tiny little baby was up walking around...seconds!! She is so extremely strong! She was heading for milk from mommy before Peach even had a chance to push out baby #2! Within 5 minutes her second baby was here and it was a precious little tri-colored blue eyed male!

 I have never seen such a precious bond between an animal and her babies! Peach just LOVES these 2 little goats! And Ill be honest, I just about cried too! Shes had her babies almost a week and hasnt let them out of her sight! Whereas Poppy makes an escape and hides every chance she can get...but she also has 4 babies runnin after her for milk and Peach only has the 2. 

My friend Rebecca took the above birthing pictures and she did a FABULOUS job! She took some amazing/shocking but VERY impressive pictures of the actual birth...I wont post those on the blog though ;)

Here they are!!!! This picture was taken the morning after they were born...just SO soft and adorable!

This little buckling was sold immediately! A family snatched him up right away to be there startup herds service buck. 

 He has absolutely beautiful coloration and just a precious temperament...like his mamma!

 Then there is this gorgeous doeling!! She is so wonderful! I love her coloration and her cute pink nose...not to mention she has blue eyes and is polled (no horns and will never grow horns). 

I couldnt be happier for my little Peachy Peach!

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