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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meet the baby goats!!!

Poppy had 3 babies - 2 bucks and 1 doe. They all 3 are polled, meaning that they were born hornless and will not ever grow horns. We are very happy with this because we did not want to have to mess with disbudding (burning off the horn buds). They also all 3 have blue eyes which is a sought after feature in Nigerian Dwarfs! All these pictures are from their first week of life. They have already grown so much!! I wish we could keep all of them, but they are all for sale. They can be sold as early as 4 days old as bottle babies...needing to be fed milk from a bottle (which some people say is the best way to get a good friendly goat). Or they can be fully weaned by 8 weeks old and ready to leave their mom without any bottle feeding necessary. 

Poppy had this adorable white buckling first. He is the smallest, but definitely not the typical "runt" behavior. He will push his way through his brother and sister and always be the first to eat! Henry and Addie love him the most because they say his is the softest. They are all 3 extremely soft and fluffy, but for some reason Henry and Addie are convinced he is the softest :)

Born second was this rowdy little buckling!!! Extremely energetic but also very snuggly! He is the first one to go try out a new toy and definitely the bravest of the three babies. Bryan set up a little "play area" for them to run up ramps and jump off platforms...they sure do love it and this little guy is by far the most hilarious to watch! He isn't scared to run full steam off the top ramp and do a kick in the air!

Here are a few pictures of our precious little doe! Seriously just one of the cutest balls of fluff Ive ever held!!! Very stylish with her black boots as well :) She has one of the most gentle and laid back personalities. 

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