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Friday, April 8, 2011

Misery Loves Company

Peaches and Poppy are SO close to kidding!!! I am absolutely ecstatic to meet these tiny baby goats! Peaches is due in 9 days (April 17th) and Poppy is due in 14 days (April 22nd)... yes and I am due in 34 days (May 12th). I can tell Peaches and Poppy are uncomfortable as I look out at them just sprawled out laying down while they eat. I love to go sit out with them and we can all be uncomfortable together, grunting and groaning and moving quite slow!

Peaches is becoming SO affectionate. I go and sit out on their table and she will jump up and walk around behind me, tuck her head under my arm then lay her head on my chest while making little noises until I start petting her. If I try to get up or stop petting her (which is obviously a preposterous idea!), she will let out a little
"Nay" and put her hoof on my leg as if to say "No, don't even think about leaving". This has been great for following her babies progress. I can put my hand on the right side of her belly and feel that tiny little goat move around inside...SO precious!
We have been wondering for a couple months if Peaches was even pregnant because she is so much smaller than Poppy, but being able to feel Peaches baby move this past week or so has changed our minds on that! Poppy is obviously carrying at least 1 baby in there...we are thinking she just probably has more babies. However, she also eats ALOT more! Poppy's personality is more "all business" and when it is time to eat she doesn't look up for anything, but Peaches is more social and when we feed them she will still want to hang out and "talk". She is learning and is getting a little more aggressive when it comes to food...any pregnant lady can totally understand that!!  Both of their udder sacks are dropping (have been for about a month now) and starting to fill up and get ready for milking! This was also another reason we thought Peaches wasn't pregnant because her udder sack didn't drop nearly as early as Poppy's...but shes all caught up now!
The clock is ticking and we are going to get to see those babies soon!! They are going to be tiny and precious and I absolutely can not wait!! 

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