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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute as Buttons!! 2 weeks old

This is our first time raising hens from chicks and I am so glad we chose to go this route! It is absolutely the most peaceful and adorable thing to sit and watch these little chicks run around their box. They will be running and flapping their wings one moment and then just seconds later they will be wiped out asleep in a big pile of baby chicks...adorable! They are also extremely curious. Any new noises that they hear will instantly have them all with their necks extended peering around trying to learn what brought on this sound.

One afternoon Henry and Addie came running to me screaming with pride for themselves saying "They loved the worm! They loved the worm!" I had no idea what they were talking about until they explained that they found a worm and threw it in with the baby chicks. Henry and Addie drug me in to see them and they were all 16 frantically fighting over 1 worm...it was quite interesting! It took them all about 5 minutes to "disassemble" the worm and finally calm down. They were 16 of the most frantic little fluffy things I have ever seen! I told Henry and Addie that we better not do this too regularly, but I'm sure the chicks sure appreciated the treat :)

I think these little critters are absolutely hilarious!!  
Addie loves to sing to them and they are finally getting used to Addie's songs as well as loud outbursts of laughter. I keep trying to explain to her that she is scaring them...but she doesn't get it yet. 

So far we still have all 16 chicks and there haven't been any casualties. I walked into the room one day and one of the chicks was perched up on top of the lid...she/he looked traumatized and couldn't figure out how to get back in with the other babies. I scooped her up and placed her back into the sleeping pile of fluff to get all warm and safe. That is the closest we got to loosing a chick...but thankfully she/he "stayed close to the coop" and everyone was fine!

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