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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Lasagna and Garden Lasagna Round 2!

I am an experimental cooker...my mom rarely followed a recipe but just "followed the pantry". She would look at what she had and then just make something yummy (which I am glad I was taught to cook this way because it makes meals a lot cheaper!!). Ive been trying more and more to do that with the garden and make something from whatever I pick out of the garden that day...using as many "garden items" as possible in each dish. Well what is easier to do that with than a lasagna...but I will admit I am not a very good lasagna cook, I just haven't had that much experience in lasagnas...but Ill learn.
Gathered some Arugula, Basil, cherry tomatoes, squash and broccoli that day (no, i didn't use all that arugula, just about a quarter of that)
I made a roux (2tbl butter, 2tbl flour... sauteed with some diced onions and garlic and add 2 cups of milk) and poured this throughout the layers. (I didnt get a good picture of this, but will try to post one the next time I do a roux)

I started off by laying down some lasagna noodles and topping it with yellow squash, broccoli, and cheese.

Then I did another layer of noodles topped with tomatoes (which I wish I would have had more, but Henry and Addie kept eating them!), arugula, basil and cheese. (I topped one side with some diced chicken and extra cheese for Bryan)

Baked at 350 for about 30 minutes

We only ate about half of this lasagna...so ROUND 2 the next night :) I laid out the leftovers and cut it all up, then put it in a bowl with some extra spices (so no one would know it was the same dinner as last night) and topped it with some bread crumbs and herbs and baked it at 350 for about 10 minutes.

To serve I drizzled some olive oil ans fresh spices over the top along with some cut fresh tomatoes (the tomatoes really help get the kids to the table FAST!)

The bread crumbs and extra spices really help to make any casserole type dish a good Round 2 dinner :)

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